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So as i am a Pupil in the great and epic year of upper sixth i have all my university choices to do this year and apply and then see if i get any offers and whatnot

I initially found it hard to choose a course because i have no idea what i want to do but i found a course called natural sciences which lets you choose modules from different courses so naturally i found this very appealing and so i went and researched unis and after many hours trawling the interweb i finally got round to looking at some unis and made my choices. I feel a list coming on

  1. Cambridge – Natural Sciences
  2. Durham – Natural Sciences
  3. Durham – Earth Sciences (i like durham)
  4. Manchester – Materials Science (doesnt offer natural sciences)
  5. Leeds – Natural Sciences

They were my five choices and so far i have heard from four so shall start another list

  1. Cambridge – Natural Sciences Rejected but im not too surprised
  2. Durham – Natural Sciences ??? Pending
  3. Durham – Earth Sciences (i like durham) OFFER!!
  4. Manchester – Materials Science (doesnt offer natural sciences) OFFER!!
  5. Leeds – Natural Sciences OFFER!!

so at the moment as it stands my first choice would be Durham earth science then Manchester but if i get a Natural sciences offer that will replace the Earth science offer.

I suppose some advice to people who will soon be making uni choices is needed at this point and my advice is go with where you want to go not where anyone tells you to go and not purely by reputation because youre going to be living there for 3 years so you need somewhere you will enjoy being at. Also if  unlike me you know exactly what course you want to do make sure you look into each course in great detail as my girlfriend who wants to do a doctorate in psychology with an aim to become a clinical psychologist found that when she was researching courses not all unis offered doctorates and some courses were BA not BSc which greatly affects how useful the degree is in certain fields (In case anyone was wondering she has had 4 offers and an interview from Cambridge and i could not be prouder of her)

I suppose that is all for this post and so i must say adieu to all my readers


I may be back properly this time


Hello again all who read this. Probably not many but oh well

I know i did a post saying im sort of back a while ago then vanished but i do mean it this time probably

well there have been a few reasons why i havent been bothered able to post namely exams loads of work and busy stuff

i suppose the best thing to do would be a catch up blog to say whats happened with my life during my blogging hiatus

lists are a very good way to do this methinks

  1. I still have a girlfriend despite the fact im me and shes amazing and beautiful
  2. i have hung out with said girlfriend alot and have gone to two balls with her
  3. i have been to wembly stadium to watch the rugby league final with my girlfriend
  4. I managed to use the word Hiatus five lines back
  5. I did as levels and stuff
  6. i got results for as
  7. Im now doing a level Maths Chemistry and Physics
  8. i proved you can get an a in general studies even if you talk about erectile dysfunction
  9. i started gaming on my laptop and have currently played through Skyrim, Half Life 2, Assassins creed 2 and goat simulator
  10. i am now at a state boarding school (such places do exist)
  11. i discovered sporcle 
  12. ive nearly finished gold Duke of Edinburgh
  13. im still bad at lists

Well that is a quick summary of whats happened

I hope to be back soon hopefully with better things to blog about

adieu good peoples of the blogosphere

I am sort of back


Hello again everyone


you may have noticed that i have been gone for a tiny while but that is due to incredibly legitimate reasons such as lack of wifi/time/will/ability to blog however i have been caps locked at alot by Taby so am back for a little bit until exams happen

well what has happened with me

last week i went to iceland with school which was amazing and quite windy

i have just got back from a gold duke of Edinburgh practice expedition that involved walking 80 kilometres in 4 days and camping which was interesting. However the instructor is slightly annoyed at us because we dented one of the stoves we were lent and took quite a few large shortcuts that involved us walking through bogs and down very very steep hills.

i still have an amazing girlfriend

and thats about it really

i will blog again if something big happens or i am bored of a level revision


Liebster award


so i have been nominated for the liebster award by confessionsofanirishgayguy who just started blogging at the beginning of 2014 yet is a very good blogger so thank you to him and check out his blog.

The rules
1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. (Done Above)
2.  Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3.  Nominate 10 of your favourite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
4.  Come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

1. What age were you when you had your first kiss? 
16 as it was less than a month ago at the christmas ball with my amazing girlfriend

2. What is your favourite item of clothing?
probably a blue jumper that i have because it is very strong and warm which is ideal for me

3. Which Simpsons character is most like you, and why?

professor frink as quite a few people have said that i am like a mad scientist with all the rambling and interest in science and the like

4. What disease would you cure if you had the power to cure one disease?
probably cancer as it is the big disease of our time

5. Where in the world, other than where you are now would you most like to live?
somewhere in a forest which experiences aot of snow possibly on a mountain 

6. What made you start your blog in the first place?
blackmail and abuse gentle suggestion from taby elly and beth

7. What’s more important in a man (or woman), looks or personality?
always personality

8. Which celebrity would most likely be your best friend, if you were famous?
probably the same people who are my best friends now

9. What food do you detest beyond belief and why?
leek because i hate the taste

10. If you could be any drink, which describes you best?
i have no idea really. probably something strange







and sorry but i can’t think of anyone else to nominate with less than 200 followers


1. who is your favourite fictional character?

2. have you ever been in a relationship?

3. what is your favourite food?

4. who are you most like from harry potter?

5. what is your favourite film?

6. have you ever read lord of the rings?

7. have you ever read night circus? (if no READ IT NOW)

8. where would you most like to go?

9. what colour is your blogging tool? (laptop/phone/ipod etc)

10. why did you start a blog?

so thats that and goodbye


I haven’t blogged in a while have I…….


There is a good reason why I haven’t blogged in a while

i don’t know what that reason is but there is one

anyway i have been quite busy with boarding and school and the fact that i actually have a girlfriend (i am also surprised) and being sociable on christmas day and stuff

so an update on my life….

1. I have a girlfriend who is very pretty and amazing and loves lord of the rings and pokemon and despicable me and minions
2. At school the sixth form had a christmas ball which was christmas themed fancy dress and i went as scrooge so looked very sexy in a suit. the main point of interest about the ball was that i was in the only group of people who weren’t completely hammered all night
3. christmas happened and i was given alot of books and an ipod dock for my room at school

and now i have run out of things to say…….

anyway i will try to carry on blogging throughout next year


Lots of stuff has happened

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The main thing of course being Nelson Mandelas death. All I can say is rest in peace, you were a great man.

something you may have guessed by the title of this post that not that long ago it was the 1 year anniversary of this blog how would anyone have guessed that? i did  you don’t count you wrote it

personally I’m amazed that I managed to keep this going a year but miracles do happen.

speaking of miracles I still have a girlfriend who is amazing and beautiful and we have planned what we are going to the school fancy dress Christmas ball as and don’t worry Beth Elly and Taby there will be pictures

she is going as an elf and has a very pretty elf dress

and i’m going in a………….different costume

that is very me

and i can guarantee that no one else will go as this person


i am going as scrooge

so get to wear a black tailcoat, top hat, fingerless gloves, black cravat, black waistcoat and a black scarf

which should be interesting

anyway nothing else has happened so goodbye

I sort of have a Girlfriend now


*pauses so elly beth and taby stop having heart attacks due to shock*



yes so that is it

i am now in a relationship much to the surprise of everyone including myself

i should probably explain how it happened

basically i started talking to her when we were in the common room alone during a free period when everyone else was doing something and i managed to get her to read the hobbit and now we are going to the school christmas ball together and if that goes well we will make it properly official instead of just sort of being together

so yeah

she is really pretty has a brilliant personality and is very funny

thats all really


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